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3 years ago

Questions about Node Replacement

I've been on cox's behind about issues I've been having for years.

They are finally in the works of replacing a node in my area, as stated by a few different tech agents.

My question is: what are the effects of this?

My issues are not about my speeds because in speed tests, I get a clean test of 800mbps down / 34mbps up and 10ms ping.

The problem is that when gaming, my ping fluctuates anywhere from 30ms to 300ms...occasionally 1000ms.

When running ping plotter to servers like Twitter and Google, 

The issues start at hop 2 and persistent through the rest of the route.

Ping begins to spike up into the 100s and 200s at hop 2 and all down the line, and eventually leads to packet loss on these hops. 

Hops 2-6 are all cox hops.

My question is... is it likely that a bad node in my area would set this chain of ping spikes and jitter and it persist throughout?

And would changing the node alleviate this?

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