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4 years ago

Printer Not seeing my wifi after I forgot the device


We have the Panoramic wifi and I use the Cox Wfi app. We have been having issues and I went in to rename and assign all of our stuff. I paused the printer and then when I us paused it it will not reconnect. So we reset everything and I even forgot the device. Not the printer can not see the wifi to connect to..... It is for frustrating it has been on this network for 3 plus years! Why can it not see the Wifi anymore? It can see other networks outside of our home and it will connect to my phone hotspot. 

Please help I am pulling out my hair!

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    Is the printer shared off a computer?  If so...and since you renamed the'll need to remap to the printer from its host computer.  Make sense?  On whatever computer is sharing the printer, remap to the printer.