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6 months ago

Price Increase

So I just got hit with a bill increase of over 109%.  Went to the local store and they said they would reduce the rate some but since I have paid the bill (autopay) there was nothing they could do about it.  So I basically got screwed for $40+ and have a bill that's higher than it was previously.  All for a service that goes out a couple of times a week.  I guess it's time to start shopping.

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  • Hi Jrwill228568, I can imagine how I'd feel if I was in your shoes. Opening a bill with a surprise balance is never fun, and I'm sorry this happened. I'd like to take a closer look at your account so I can identify what changed. I value your business and I don't want to lose you to another provider. I'd also like to investigate why you are experiencing service issues multiple times a week. That's not okay! So that I can further assist you, please email my team at