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3 years ago

Post Hurricane Ida performance

***Update since services came back online 3 weeks after Ida***

My speeds here in metairie, LA. Were consistently 500 my + for months before hurricane ida. 

After hurricane hit,  speeds came back but were slow, leggy and intermittent were getting disconnected.

However. Speeds have improved dramatically but still not back to 500MB.

In the mornings,  I approach 250-300, but after 8am- ish, speeds drop back down to 30mb until late night.

I believe cox cable is slowly repairing and fixing the speed issues in our community but it will take time. 

I have already reset modem and had a technician visit to check that the tap outside the house is not getting the right signal//speed.

At least it's not my house and confirmed that it's on cox cables side  

Thanks to this forum for letting us express and discuss concerns.