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3 years ago

Port Forwarding, Correct IP not showing up in Cox's website

I've been setting up a minecraft server for some friends and I am running it on a separate desktop. I've gotten all the way to here where you have to port forward using the IP of the device but it's not showing up. It's discoverable on the network seeing as how I'm tapped into it from my main Computer. It's frustrating that you can't put in a static IP on Cox's website. About to purchase my own router and not deal with this.

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      Residential services do not have the ability to use static IP addresses. However, if you have a Cox Business account, you can add one or multiple static IPs to your services. If you would like more information on this please contact our business team at 1-866-744-0179. 

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        Sounds like they are requesting a DHCP reservation for a static IP on the LAN. This isn't possible AFAIK with the Cox gateway but is easy with a retail router.