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3 months ago

POP3 or IMAP for Yahoo email transition

What is the basis for the movement (transition) of emails from Cox to Yahoo?  All our current email accounts are POP3 and emails are stored in a .PST database. Will the Cox software just copy emails...
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    3 months ago

    Any/all emails stored on our server at the time of the transition will be automatically transferred over to Yahoo at that time. If you use POP3 and do not use the "leave a copy of messages on the server" setting on your mail client, then those emails would just be stored on the device that it was downloaded to originally.  Once the transition is completed to Yahoo you can update your POP3 settings listed here or if you use IMAP here

    Do not make any server settings changes in your email program prior to the transition as it will not work with the yahoo settings until then. You will receive a final email to let you know that the transition has been completed and then you will just need to follow the instructions in the email to finish the Yahoo transition.