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2 months ago

Poor Signal Strength

Hello - 

I have my router in my Living Room and we have interrupted signal upstairs in the baby's room supporting a monitor. Can't have this.

Please advise ...

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  • Hi, there. I know how frustrating signal interference can be. I might suggest repositioning your router as small corrections can go a long way towards correcting wifi-related problems. It is best to make sure that the modem/router/gateway is placed in a central location in your home. Even if this is not always possible, when it comes to streaming, you will want to make sure that you limit the walls and objects that are between your devices and your modem/router/gateway and use a wired connection whenever possible. Also, you will want to ensure the router is elevated off the floor as high as you can manage and away from speakers, TVs cordless phones, etc...After you have repositioned the device, reset it so that it can analyze the wifi and change to a cleaner channel and retest. Let me know if that helps and thank you for your patience

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    Anything in between the router and any device using the WiFi is going to reduce signal levels. That means the floor/ceiling, will definitely do that. It adds the equivalent of about 18-24 feet of distance due to density. Also, if the baby monitor is sitting on top of a dresser, and the path between it and the router passes through the dresser, that ALSO decreases signal levels. 

    So - First ensure you are using 2.4ghz for the connection. 5ghz signal drops twice as fast as 2.4 does due to the way RF works. Sit the Baby monitor on the floor, to reduce the things in between it and the router, and in that way you will increase your signal levels. 

  • Please consider using a wired connection. It will be more reliable and secure. If you own your home, an electrician should be able to install Ethernet drops in every possible room and increase your resale value.

    You could instead use Panoramic WiFi Pods to extend your signal reach and create a mesh network.