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4 years ago

Poor internet, worse customer service

Currently Cox is experiencing issues with the internet service in the 85022 area, the connection will cut out after only working for a few minutes.
For the last week I have tried to get cox to take this seriously... customer service repeatedly lied to me and tried to tell me to upgrade my service to make it work at all. The technician (and it took days to get one) arrived late but was able to confirm that it was a local service issue, not my specific apartment/router/modem. He assured me if would be up and running that same day, Saturday the 12th.
That night... I called customer service because the problem was not fixed and the woman I spoke to laughed at me and told me that it might be fixed by Monday. IT MIGHT be fixed by Monday.

Why are we paying for a service when it doesn't work and we are treated so poorly?
Now, even as I typed this, I am speaking with another cox employee who is telling me that the problem can be addressed soon but she claims she cannot provide a time frame.

If I had been taken seriously a week ago this could have been solved.
If I had not been lied to repeatedly and laughed at by customer service, I would not be typing this.
And If I were given a straight answer then I wouldn't be looking to change my service.

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    "Poor Internet.  Worse Customer Service"  Hmm...this could be their new advertising slogan!