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Poor Customer Support - No Breakdown of Date by Device

I called in to customer support the other day and am appalled at the poor customer support i received.  I had overages on my data and when i asked for a breakdown of the overages was informed that they do not have the capability to tell me the breakdown of each device and the GB that each device pulled.  I was then blindly transferred to technical support from billing without any further explanation.  I then asked for a supervisor.  The supervisor then proceeded to give me a very long and drawn out explanation about how they have no access to my modem (which is untrue) and that they cannot tell me a breakdown of devices that have access to my modem.  I was extremely frustrated and told him he was only succeeding in making me angry.  He then kept telling me they could not give me a data breakdown in long drawn out explanations.  

Here is my problem, first of all blind transferring a customer FOR ANY REASON is absolutely unacceptable in the customer service world.  Second, if the first employee could not help me satisfactorily i should have automatically been escalated to a supervisor and should not have had to ask.  Third, the supervisor should be trained well enough to DEESCALATE the situation and not proceed to ESCALATE it.  I have worked in customer support/ sales for 17 years and never would i have allowed my teams to handle a customer this way.  

Here is all i wanted to accomplish.  If i truly did go 500 GB over on my data (for my normal pattern of activity) in a billing period, fine.  But, based on my last three - four month average that is absolutely insane when none of my patterns of activity have changed.  I just want a report or bill showing me how my data overage was arrived at by device.  This should not be complicated since, you as my internet provided receive this data from my modem, which you of course have access to.   If you cannot show me that i actually pulled that much, by device, then i do not trust that the bill is correct.  And if i do have a device that is pulling that much data, i want to know which one, so i can find out why this has changed, in the last few months. 

Anyone else experience this particular frustration?

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    You didn't indicate what modem you have, but Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator said in this thread, "If you have our Panoramic WiFi, our Cox WiFi app allows you to view daily data usage for each individual device".  He provided some links for useful tips in that thread.  

  • Hi TAB. Cox believes in a fair and open internet and does not throttle or shape traffic. As such, we don't have the ability to know what or how many devices you are using on your network. If you are renting our Panoramic gateway, our Cox Panoramic Wifi app will supply you with this information. Check out as gives some good information. Thanks, Lisa - Cpx Support Forums Moderator