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4 years ago

Please join me in filing a complaint to the FCC about locked packet loss threads.

Everyone who continues to experience packet loss and have had their thread prematurely locked before the problem was even fixed, join me in filing a complaint to the FCC.

Locking people out from trying to get help for a problem with a service they are paying for?

Not initially reading the solutions tried in the threads and defaulting to tell us to do the very first steps that we've taken before even making a post about the problem?

That's some great customer service right there.

My locked thread:

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    I have already filed my complaint and I hope everyone experiencing packetloss and latency files one. It takes 5 minutes, get some ping plotter data to attach and you're good. 

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    Also received a call from the executive office following my FCC and AZAG complaints (she was responding to the latter as the FCC one had not been received yet). She was completely transparent and was aware of the saturated node (CMTS in my area (Chandler, AZ - southwest corner of Ray and McClintock) and told me they had not planned to split them in all of 2020, but because of the COVID-19 outbreak, they have invested all their resources into making it happen as soon as possible. No concrete date given (situation was described as "fluid"), but she agreed to compensate my account till the issue is fully solved, and will update me every step of the way. I will relay the updates to here as well.

    I was apparently the first AZAG consumer complaint she received. She also had two FCC complaints (not including mine which she has yet to receive).

    Definitely file the complaint to at least receive compensation until this situation is resolved!

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    How long did it take COX to call you back after the FCC served COX your complaint?