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5 years ago

Playstation 4 Remote Play

I'm trying to use Remote Play on my PS4 over the internet and I keep getting an error that my connection speed is too slow. My playstation is wired directly to my router via cat 6 ethernet cable.  It works fine on my private network, but it will not work over the internet. I have the preferred 150 package with an upload speed of 10 mbps. Per Sony's website you need a minimum of 2 mbps and 12 is preferred, so it should work fine.  I have the recommended UDP ports open on my router.  It will actually connect to my playstation, just says it's too slow to initiate gameplay.  Does Cox have something blocked on their end that would prevent this?  Does anyone one else with Cox actually have this work for them? Thanks in advance.  Here is a link below to Sony's website with the specs:

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    Hello, are all devices in the home impacted with slow speeds, or is this exclusively affecting the Playstation 4 Remote Play. Also, I would suggest hard-wiring this device to the modem and not the router, to see if that resolves the issue. Would you be able to connect a PC or laptop directly to the modem share the results of hard-wired a speed test, using the Cox Internet Speed Test tool?

    When you state "It works fine on my private network, but it will not work over the internet," are you referring to the PS4 device itself and not the remote play feature? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      On my wired speed test I am getting 10mbps upload speed as advertised by the preferred package. 

      if I run the speed test through my router, I also get 10mbps upload speed. 

      it doesn’t seem as if the router is limiting / throttling me in any way. 

      My PS4 works fine playing online from home. I’m specifically saying that I can’t connect to my PS4 remotely using remote play over the internet. I can however connect to my PS4 to utilize remote play while I’m at home over my home network. Sorry if I’m saying that in a confusing way. 

      my goal is to be able to play playstation using remote play while I’m away from home. Even though my upload speed seems to be adequate for the requirements of the service, whenever I connect remotely, it says that my connection speed is too slow. I’ve tried from different remote locations with the same results. I have set up port forward on my router to match those outlined by the remote play requirements.