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2 years ago

Plan upgraded without my consent

I was chatting online with tech support to simply ask "how many devices should work with my current plan" after he told me 5, I said my connections are awful by just having two devices on wifi. I then asked if adding the $13.00 equipment plan might help. I currently am doing the whole "I have my own router and modem" thing. He said yes, that would be a good idea, plus upgrade to higher plan, and then was given the total. I thought it was a potential total, but it turns out he just did both without me saying "yes, lets add the equipment and upgrade my plan-sounds good" didn't ask if thats what I wanted to do. He just did it. He said that the system he's using recommended it, so he just went with it....

I mean...what the hell? 

Felt like someone saw me looking at a car and asking "how's the mileage"-- "oh it's excellent, so here are the keys. I already ran your credit and swiped your credit card for you."

How is this okay in anyway at all?

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    Honored Contributor III're being charged to rent the Panoramic but don't even have a Panoramic?

    I don't know if Cox will restore your original plan via email...worth a shot...but if not, you'll need to call Cox to restore your original plan.

    As soon as the rep starts trying to persuade you to spend, spend, spend...just hang up and call again.  You'll eventually get a non-pushy rep to restore your plan.

    As far as your awful WiFi with your personal gear, we can troubleshoot this later.

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    Have you tried connecting directly into the modem using an Ethernet cable and seeing what you are getting directly out of the modem? it might be your router. You can have a very fast modem but if you have an old router your speed will be somewhat degraded.

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    I went into a Cox store to exchange my Contour box for a new one.  I mentioned that I had the bundle (phone, cable, internet).  The guy said they no longer do the bundles so I could drop the phone if I wanted.  He went through all the options and what they would cost, and said I had until October 1 to decide if I wanted the "deal" option that came with a camera, but would require me to take in my phone capable modem and exchange for one that just does cable/internet.  I took his card and left.  Later that day, I got an email saying my plan had been changed to the camera deal option,per my request.  I was like WTF?  I called and was able to get that cancelled.  Don't like this shady way they do things without consent.

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      we really strive to provide a superior experience at each interaction and I'm truly sorry to hear that we've let you down. I want to make this right. Please send an email to our social media team, This will allow us to contact the agent supervisors for further review and coaching of the customer service agents involved. Include in the email your full name, complete address, date this occurred, and the agent's name if you have it. Our social media email address is

      Jonathan J
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    Just had to cancel Cox Complete Care because when I changed my plan, it magically got added to my bill.... SO ANNOYING.  There has to be some class action lawsuit we can file for this.  I don't think I've ever changed my plan without something shadily being added without my consent.