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PHX, AZ - Paying for Gigablast. intermittent upload speed loss

Hello all, Phoenix based cox subscriber here.

I have the gigablast plan, was previously getting consistent 900mbps download and 35mbps upload at my old address.

Since moving a few months ago, have not been able to get higher than 400 mbps download (was told i no longer live in a fiber neighborhood, oh well i can live with it) and get complete drops in upload speed (to 0 mbps) anywhere from 2-5 times per day (which i can't live with). 

I have a technician coming out on Monday to take a look, but was wondering if anyone else experiences similar issues? I am a big gamer (have a custom built pc hard wired) and this is driving me nuts. It will happen in the middle of games and while i'm on discord (i can hear everyone perfectly but they either cant hear me or say that my voice sounds robot/alien like). 

I am using more than adequate hardware: I have a Netgear CM1000 modem and an Asus RT-AC86U router. I previously used the panoramic modem/router combo (at my old address and this one). I experienced the problem with the panoramic modem/router as well. 

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    fiber speeds & now no fiber, not a cox issue.

    i'm not sure how or what is expected from the tech in supporting non cox equipment!

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      It has nothing to do with the equipment. I also never said that the loss of fiber speed was their issue. If you read my post, you would see my issue is the complete loss of upload speed. If I read around on this forum a little bit, I see many people saying the same thing. Please don't reply if you aren't going to be helpful.

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    Unless you're in the special area that cox offers a fiber option (I'm not aware of this if so) then Gigablast uses a coaxial connection to provide your internet speeds.  I have a friend in Glendale that happens to have a similar random cutoff of his internet and has to reset the modem to fix.  It doesn't happen often but it's annoying when it does. He just refuses to contact COX about it lol. He is also not on Gigablast.