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5 years ago

Personal router with fiber Gigablast?

We're currently using a Cox-provided Technicolor CGM4140COM. It performs well enough, but we'd like to have finer control over our network and I have a Netgear router that I can configure for the job.

We've got a plain RJ45 link to the ONT, and near as I can tell the provided gateway isn't doing any special dance to connect, just DHCP. Is this as simple as removing the Panoramic from the equation and plugging in the Netgear?

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    you could try that or also try running rj-45 from pano to your router & see what you get.

    i do the same with a 2nd router because 2 older laptops won't connect to pano wi-fi.

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    if its just dhcp then yes. do you have just internet or tv as well?