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Paying for Gigablast, not receiving even close to what I’m paying for.upgraded months ago to gigablast and never have received the speed.

So frustrated! I was using this nighthawk x8 beast of a router for last couple of years that was like $450. I thought I needed the biggest one to service our home. Started having issues and slow connection. Upgraded to Gigablast and a Cox modem. I just installed a Google Nest system with 3 units and am still not getting Gigablast speeds. I honestly don’t know how to try and fix this YET again! Cox always has a short term fix and it falls back to not working well. You just do not get what you pay for!

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    I share in your frustration. I have Gigablast and my Internet speeds download and upload have been all over the place.

    My reasoning for getting Gigablast was the upload speed for my Plex server. This morning it was 6 Mbps. I had technician at the house on Monday March 29, 2021 and everything checked out good. 

    So decided to get a new router to replace my 4 year old Netgear R7000. All my numbers where good with the initial install of the new router but the same issue poor upload speeds but it’s random. I have noticed a lot of Cox vehicles in my neighborhood over the past month. 
    In regards to my Netgear router based on the firmware version installed that impacted my download speeds. If I had the latest firmware installed I would get about 600-700 Mbps download speed but then I would have issues with my wifi on 5G randomly disconnecting on my devices, So, I would install an older version of firmware to eliminate the 5G wifi problem but it would reduce my download speeds. 

    Right now with my new ASus router I getting 696 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload. When I initially installed the Asus I was getting over 800 Mbps download and 36 Mbps upload. 

    I been pinging on Cox on regular basis but the problem still persist. 

    All the issues with service being down and the random up and down speed changes is definitely an issue with Cox.

    Unfortunately where I live there is no competition. 

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    Just checked my speeds again after my previous comment.

    Download 891 Mbps Upload 35 Mbps. Like I stated earlier random