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4 years ago

Panoramic wifi gateway - phone app will not set up the gateway.

I've tried five times and been on chat with a Cox agent for an hour, but for whatever reason cannot get the Cox wifi app to set up the gateway. Went through all the steps but at the end keep getting the message "can't find your gateway." Not that I understand this well, but now we apparently have two different networks but not the ability for them to work together, or any of the other perks this is supposed to have? At the moment, the phone app keeps trying to establish the gateway without success. When I try to go to my wifi on the Cox website, it says that my gateway is offline (although we do have internet access). Any advice for getting this taken care of? I will call Cox tech support but despair of getting anything more definitive than the chat help, whose final words were "sincere apologies." Thanks.

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      Thanks, Bruce. I've reviewed these instructions already several times. It's a catch-22: when I try to check my wifi, it says it can't find the gateway, so it's a dead end. I've found several pages on the cox website that seem to have dead ends and/or old instructions.

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        What's the make and model of your Panoramic device?