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Panoramic WiFi 5ghz.reset

Cox internet went down in our neighborhood this evening, When it came back up my 5ghz wifi did not show up in list of networks. When I went to the configuration page it showed it but on the main page only the 2,4gHz name was displayed. How do I get my  5Ghz back? Thanks.

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  • Lately our internet has been having issues. Ever since the outage we had a couple weeks ago. My internet and cable keeps cutting off to where I have to reset it. It’s bs. Now we have another outage in my area. Smh really thinking about switching to Verizon. 

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      Hi @ Glennandmissy
      I definitely don't want you to leave us and please email us at with your full name & address and we can further investigate these issues you have been having.
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