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4 years ago

Panoramic WiFi + Switch

I just upgraded to gigablast as my upload speeds were not fast enough for work from home.  I decided to rent a modem from cox so that I can downgrade when I am able to go back to the office.  When I got the modem/router home (Technicolor CGM4140COM) I noticed it only had 2 ethernet ports.  I like to hardwire where available so I went out and bought an unmanaged switch (tp-link tl-SG1008D).  It works fine so far.  My question is should I use the other ethernet port on the technicolor for my computer which I do a lot of video streaming or use the switch, which has QoS?  QoS is new to me (as are switches).  Is there an advantage to using the switch for all of my wired connections?


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