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9 months ago

Panoramic app can’t access any settings including port forwarding

I tap View Network Details/Advanced Settings/Port forwarding and I receive message “Something Unexpected Happened”.


I recently changed my service and was required to use the Panoramic modem. The app didn’t work from day one. Changing the WiFi name and PW seemed to work, but I would get an error logging in. Support was able to change the 5GHz PW, but not the 2.4GHz. Support then opened a ticket. I decided to login directly using IP address and that worked! I also changed the IP address to and assigned some static addresses to devices.


I now need to add 1 port forwarding entry and I’m getting the above error in the app and you’re not allowed to changed port forwarding when logged in directly. Even the EDIT button for WiFi disappeared. Support opened another ticket and said they usually respond fast. After about a week I called again and support escalated the ticket. Another several days and nothing. A Factory Reset didn’t change anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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    I'm having major problems too, and when I look at the app's info, and go to the "set as default" thing, when I choose to have the app open supported websites, then look at the supported website list, there are inly 5, and they all have "xfinity" in the address. (The regular Cox app has only websites with "Cox" in the address.) I asked google what xfinity is, and came up with Comcast. I asked google what the relationship is between Cox and Comcast, and found that they are two separate companies, kind of like competitors, but they don't compete aside from when it comes to bidding on contracts for new construction, basically. Then after telling my friend about this, whose brother-in-law works for Cox, she sent me articles about it. In a nutshell, it's hackers and KRACK and the modem/router needing a security patch...I have to leave now for an appointment I have with Cox, so I will continue this as soon as I can, but maybe there's something you may be able to find out, in the mean time, based on this info. 

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    If the problem(s) continue, could I convince you to buying your own router? IMO it's the way to go if you need advanced features. If you get the gateway for free, you could bridge it and use your own router. Or if you have phone service, you could swap it for a phone/data modem(eMTA) for free and use that with your own router. Finally, you could just buy your own seperate modem and router. I can give more advice depending on which way you want to go.

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      Thank you for the suggestion, but I was already aware of Bridge Mode on the Cox Gateway. I also have a router that I was using with the old Cox modem. I was in the process of trying to eliminate devices and cables, so I was glad to get a combination modem/router. Although the new gateway is ugly, it has the capability of doing everything I want. I just need them to fix this problem.

  • Hi Azrobert,



    I'm sorry the app is giving you trouble. The ticket should help address your issue, but what app version do you currently have?




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      I’m using a Samsung Tablet with Android 13.

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        Thank you. That should be the updated version, but you can check the app to see if a new one is available. You mentioned a factory reset, but did support already have you uninstall and re-install the app? Do you have any other devices you can test the app on to see if the issue is specific to the tablet's access?