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3 years ago

Packet Loss in Montecito, California

I've had Cox in Montecito for 3 years. The first 2 years - zero problems. The last year, dramatic packet loss.

This week I decided enough is enough and started troubleshooting. I plugged a laptop directly into the cable modem and ran a ping to overnight. I'm seeing 2-3% packet loss consistently. So, it's not my router. It's definitely Cox.  I've performed countless 'Modem Resets' to no avail.

Modem I have:, Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem

Wondering what my options are?

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    Start with an FCC complaint, I have been going in circles for weeks with them, second tech being sent out cause they didnt like that the first tech said it was their fault.

    My next door neighbor has the same issue, Working with a few others. They are just over sold and we have to pay for it.