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5 years ago

packet loss high ping horrible service

getting horrible packet loss... where my ping is bouncing all over the place and everytime a tech comes out they say everything is good to go... but it isnt and im just wasting 50 dollars everytime and im paying for gigablast service and im not receiving any of it. i asked for a new modem from the tech and he told me he cant do that so i bought a new modem myself and cox cant connect it??? im getting to my last nerve with this company and it horrible service. i have replaced everything on my end and im not using a router or anything and its just me on the HARDWIRED connection and i cant game at all. techs are clueless.. costumer service is a joke. and im just wasting 200 bucks a month for speeds i get better with my hotspot. i have done everything i can i replaced every wire/Ethernet and its still the same. this ISP is a joke.

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    This is similar to what happened to me, short of me purchasing a new modem. After months of internet outages and numerous calls to Cox I finally got a tech out that knew what he was as doing and within minutes he found out that it had to do with a connection in their equipment outside. He told me that any of my neighbors who’s internet routed through that connection we’re experiencing the same internet issues. Within a day the issue was resolved, after 8 months of my internet going out daily.

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      i know it has to do with there end they just dont want to admit it and are to lazy to lazy to fix the problem if only one person is noticing the problem and i do because i game/stream and thats how i make my money. 

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    this sounds like my exact issue. i had to basically cancel my bundle to use a personal router/modem. However they did have someone come out and saw line damage but still getting crazy ping spikes which interferes with my job. They always tell me the same thing, so basically they just call me a liar because the speed test they do doesnt show anything. I've even had them blame my work VPN, which i have logs to prove that the issue just isnt on my vpn. im glad you were able to get some answers. im hoping to get some!