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6 years ago

Packet Loss, Chandler, AZ

I have been having packet loss issues again lately. This was an issue that was resolved a few months ago after they fixed a problem a node/hub/whatever in the area. I already put in a call to Tech Support. Talked to a Level 1 who was unhelpful, escalated to level 2 who was also unhelpful, followed by the default response to send an onsite technician for service.

I already know its not an issue with my equipment or lines up to my house. This is the exact same problem I had last time and do not look forward to waiting weeks to get this resolved. I am really getting sick of having to manage Cox tech support and onsite technicians to get Cox's issues resolved.

Is there a more efficient way to get this problem resolved? I know I cant be the only one in my area with this problem.



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  • This issue has been happening for 4 straight weeks now in Scottsdale, AZ. Every single night a service outage happens at around 5:30 PM and last until 11:00 PM. Call tech support and they give you nothing. Its not a temporary outage when its 4 weeks long. With no ETA for a resolution I am going to have to switch to another provider.