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4 years ago

Packet loss Baton Rouge, LA

I have bad packet loss man. I upgraded to the gigablast deal hoping it would help just a little but there is no use. Three technicians came and checked everything from my side and told me everything was fine. This problem has been going on for over a year now. I will keep pingplotter on for 24 hours to send to cox. I want to make sure I did everything before I go to the FCC hopefully they will do something about it.

You can see by the pingplotter graph that i have consistent packetloss for approx 5 hours during non peak times (1 am-6am). There are no issues with my local network the problem starts at hop 2 which is the node. I pay 130$ a month for gaming and zoom classes and I can't do either. 

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  • Something to keep in mind.. it is possible the networking equipment at certain hops could be configured to ignore ICMP (the ping) or low priority processing of such packets. Packet loss under these circumstances isn't necessarily a bad thing as the ICMP packets are dropped in favor of higher priority network packets (i.e. gaming, browsing, etc). In your screenshot, the packet loss is under 3% and your latency is in the milliseconds within this window of time.. overall this is not very bad. Packet loss itself is undesirable but not unexpected across a large network like the internet.

    I'm interested to learn what specific issues you are experiencing while using your connection?