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3 years ago

Outrageous internet data charges

This company scams for overage on internet data it's ridiculous. 

I went to Verizon Wireless store today they have unlimited data  WIRELESS MODEM $35 a month no extra charges for anything no service charge ,data stays at the same speed and it's Plug and Play. No contract no disconnect fees no equipment fees no hidden fees I suggest trying it. Cox has a scam going with their data overage and Equipment Rental it's unnecessary

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    I have the same issue.  The data usage does not line up to actual usage.  It feels like a scam considering that when I first signed up my account was unlimited.  They take it away just to try to charge me for what I used to have. During the last week our supposed usage jimled a lot and now I'm hitting  lose to this new limit 5 day away from a new cycle. I turned off my modem and am using my unlimited cell data to run our streaming devices.  Cox could not care any less. Dropping cox as soon as I move all bills, online accounts , etc to a free gmail account. Thia 22+ year Cox account is leaving over their greed.