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2 years ago

Outlook send/receive error since planned outage this week

Since the planned upgrade outage that took place last Monday my outlook email has not received email.  Here's error message message:

Task 'Synchronizing subscribed folders for reported error 0x800CCC0E. Can't connect to server.'

Rebooted computer several times, rebooted modem/router etc. with no success.  Finally got the status bar to show "connected" but still not sending or receiving.  Mailbird application is working as it should.

Please advise or provide assistance.

Thanks in advance.

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    If another mail client is working then I would talk to someone in Cox Complete Care for assistance with Outlook, or contact Microsoft. Running a PST repair such as has been suggested, is a good start, but this is a Outlook issue, and not a Cox issue. 

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    It was probably an issue with mismatched dates/times on security certificates, but it appears you've got them reconciled.

    Not connecting to server may be an issue with OAuth or OAuth2, if you're using it.  There should be options in Outlook to reenter your credentials or request a new code.

    EDIT:  Does Cox support OAuth?  If not, it wouldn't be an issue with OAuth.