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Outlook keeps asking for username and password, then spam filters stop working.

Is this some kind of built in sabotage within the Cox email system?  For a couple of weeks, Cox will filter out the SAME LOVELY JUNK SPAM THAT COMES THROUGH ABSOLUTELY 100% UNSOLICITED ON IT’S SERVERs.  Then all of a sudden, Outlook asks for my username and password.  Right after that, the filters stop working, and it is as if every rule that I have set up in Outlook to block this UNSOLICITED JUNK doesn’t exist.  Is this a built-in sabotage mechanism that makes sure that this JUNK gets through even if we don’t want it?  

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    do you ever check webmail, i do every time i come to the forum?

    today 6 in spam folder, sometimes 2-15 and some aren't spam.

    you spend more time with with filters for various domains/email addresses...nothing you do will block all the spam, all the time!!

    i also use outlook, which misses some spam & i don't have any filters.