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4 years ago

Outdoor junction box replacement

I have a Cox junction box in my front yard, this is NOT attached to my home.  It is a tall, tubular pillar, approximately 3 feet tall.  I would like to replace it with something that sits in the ground vs. above the ground for landscaping purposes.  

I have made 3 requests for this type of service and cannot seem to get anyone at Cox to understand what my request is, other than the first line supervisor that came out.  He said he understood and would put in a request for the change - "it was easy"!  It has been over a month since that request and no one has a record of the work order or seems to understand my request.


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    Could you upload a pix of this "junction box?"

    This device may be a tap (pedestal) for your neighborhood.  Meaning, your neighbors are also connected to it.  I wouldn't think Cox would bury this thing because techs would need access to it for new connections and maintenance.

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    Allow my team to assist, simply email your full name, address. and a link to this thread to

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