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5 months ago

Outage of 3 days!

We are about to go into our 4th day without internet. I contacted Cox the evening of day 1 and was ignored thru messenger after being told they were looking into it. I contacted Cox on day 2. I was told this was planned maintenance.  When I asked why we weren't informed prior to doing this planned maintenance,  he said the outage notification was my notice. Ha! Ya, that notification came after I signed up for text updates to keep me informed after the service had already been out for a day. I proceeded to ask for credit for time we have no service and the guy tried to upsell my internet plan! I called him out on it and he still never Informed me of anything useful. Now, day 3 I contact Cox and am told they will see what is going on and of course, the connection is lost. I just want transparency! The amount paid for internet only is just ridiculous! And these days, everything runs on internet connections. We have cameras down, tvs down, watering system down. I am looking for a new provider. 

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    I'm truly sorry to hear you've been without service so long. I'd really like to investigate further. Please email my team at, or message us on Facebook or Twitter with your full name and address.


    Thank you.