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5 years ago

Our technician said he will return to complete job

Our technician was great but it was late and dark outside so he couldn't find the existing cable that went to the bedroom we used for an office.  To complete the job he installed the modem in the room next to the office and now our computer will not pick up the signal due to the antenna being broken on the computer.  He did come back to retrieve his tools and said he told his supervisor he would need to open a ticket however I did not get a ticket number or date of return.  Since he needed his tools I do have his direct number.  How long do I wait to start calling our technician?

Also I am open to a device such as an AP to boost the wifi signal but it is yet another fee I was not expecting and in this case the house is small so simplicity is best being the lady using it is in her 70's.

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  • Hi Alloallo. You can contact the technician today if you wish. If he doesn't respond in a timely manner, please contact us via email at and include your complete address and name on the account along with this link and we will be glad to assist you. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator