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4 years ago

ONT/PON setup in the home?

I tried to upgrade to Gigablast. On friday retention rep setup my new service in the billing and ordering system and my wife went to a storefront to pick up the devices. The person at the shop gave her a 3.1 Voice modem and said no, the Gigablast can't be installed by the customers. So, I tried to call and schedule and they said they cannot schedule because of the virus. I would just like to know what the actual deal is here because they think it's as simple as telling me they cannot, but they also have told me inaccurate things along the entire way.

For example, why did they ever tell me it was doable and to pick up the items? Can I get a definitive "Yes, it's doable?" I have my doubts now.

They also told my wife she could not have the new set top boxes until she brought in the old ones (this was Friday). Which nobody has ever had to do with Cox, right?

Well guess what, the DVR didn't activate. They have to send someone out tomorrow for that. And we cannot revert to the old one because we turned it in today.

But I digress. I have RJ45, RJ6, and Coax from the side of my house to the "data closet" where the cable modem is now. Where does the ONT go? I don't think there is fiber in my outside data box, so is Gigablast even possible? 

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    First, why do you keep referring to an ONT?  I'm sure you've done your research, but it reads like you don't have fiber-to-the-house (FTTH).  If you don't have FTTH, you don't need an ONT.  An ONT connects to a fiber cable from Cox.

    If your question is can a DOCSIS 3.1 deliver gigabit speed?  Yes, it can.  A few contributors on the Forum have measured 900+ Mbps.  That's about right considering network overhead with TCP/IP (-10%).  Whether you get gigabit is another story.

    If you haven't previously had Cox Voice...or any provider of VoIP (packet-switching phone service)...then you'd need a tech at your house to physically rewire the demarc for your landline.  Other than the rewire, you wouldn't need a tech to activate your modem, cable-box or telephone modem (eMTA).  It's basically plug-and-play...then troubleshoot.

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      bruce Thanks for your reply. I did leave out that the original person I spoke with in new services mentioned I would need a PON/ONT something. I looked up what that stands for, I just don't understand why it's something that cannot be done during social distancing. It sounds like it's something that can be done nearby, but outside my home. But that person handed me off to retention for bundle pricing, and then essentially my long story above ensued.

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        Hi jj9erfan,

        We can certainly investigate this issue and address your concerns. Please email our team at with this post, your full name, and your complete address.

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