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4 years ago

Only need router for Gigablast and not modem?

I'm due to have Gigablast installed at home in AZ soon.  Do I need just a router in the room from which the Gigablast will come into the house, or do I need a modem as well?  I would prefer having my own equipment.  This room will be the hub and wired and allow for wifi in the other rooms.   Thanks for any help you may provide.

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    You'll need an Internet modem to connect to the Cox Network.  You'll then need a router connected to the modem to share the Internet connection with all your devices.  If you subscribe to Cox Voice (landline), Cox will freely loan a combo Internet & telephone modem.

    I recommend purchasing your equipment.  Before purchasing...or connecting a current modem...check to ensure the modem is certified for the Cox network.  Again, if you subscribe to Voice, Cox will freely loan a certified modem.  Just don't lose it.

    Do you currently have a router?  If so, does your router have a gigabit WAN port?

    Research modems:

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      I do not have Voice.  I had bought (erroneously in my eagerness) a Netgear AX6000 Wii Cable/Modem Router which I was told will not be compatible.  If this is true, I'll have to sell that hardware and buy the modem and router as separate devices?  Aint technology wonderfully confusing even to someone who has been using it since the mid 80's? 😃

      I appreciate all the help I can get.