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6 years ago

Only 1 Up Channel Bonded & 51-55 Upstream / Bad Wiring or Buy Modem?

Modem: Netgear C3700-100NAS

Connection: No spitters in the house.  No TV. Modem combo is connected directly to the coax coming from the wall. Coax from wall is closest to the outside connection. 


I'm having some ongoing issues with my modem requiring frequent resets.  I believe these problems to be related to my 51-55 dBmv and my only one locked bonded upstream channel.  I believe this is a line problem, and not a modem problem

Attempted Solution:

Cox tech acknowledged my 51-55 dBmv .  The tech suggested that i buy a new modem because mine was more than 3 years old.  I will post excerpts of this chat log below. The tech offered to send a rented one to me. However, I discovered he modem came with a $20 self installation fee, so I refused this option.  If the modem was the problem, i would rather use that $20 to buy a Netgear CM600 or an Arris sb6183 and mate it to an Archer C or A7.  


Does the tech's suggestion to buy a modem sound right to you?

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