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3 months ago

Ongoing connection issues

Is anybody else in Tulsa having intermittent connection issues? For at least the last few months I have had internet drop for a minute or two and then work fine for awhile. Sometimes it affects TV as well. It seems to happen at the top of every hour and at other times.

Since you can't call in a ticket or enter one online, your option is to use the worthless chat feature. Having a college student in the house as well as working from home has become a big issue. It may be time to get 5G internet and getting Dish for TV. I am paying $360.00 per month for an unreliable service. They always want to come into your home to test the signal strength and I tell them to test to the dmarc on the house first.

In the last two years I have had my cable disconnected at the pedestal to open a port to connect a new customer. This happened late on a Friday and even though it was a Cox screw up I had to wait until Monday to get it resolved. Then the same thing happened again a week later. 


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  • Hello KDS,
    The last thing we want is to lose you. We can certainly help investigate the intermittent issue you have been facing. I'm sorry to hear about your chat experience. You may email us at with your first and last name, complete address, and some detail of the issue. Please also include the URL of this forum comment in your email. We can help.