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2 years ago

Oliver is not working on the website and there is no way to report it

I found a 2 year old thread on the above topic and nothing has changed. Oliver is not working. There is no way to report that it is not working.  And there is no way to get through Oliver to chat with a live agent. Very frustrating. Get rid of Oliver.

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    Chat works for me, but I wouldn't recommend it.  Email and you'll probably get better results.

    If you still want to use chat, make sure you have cookies enabled.

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      Last time I tried to use chat for reporting bad signals,  they told me  "I hope you are enjoying your new upgrade". and  was useless.   There was no upgradr at the time.   They must have thought higher signals meant higher speed.    Where do these people come from?   Phone support is much better.

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    Works for me too. Using Chrome on Windows 10 desktop. Are you trying to use a phone browser by any chance? I think some parts of Cox website don't work well with the mobile version of the website. Try viewing the "desktop site". Click on the little dots on the top right of the browser then check off the box for desktop site.

  • I am using Chrome on Win 11. I can ask questions, no response. I'll use email. Thanks.

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    Works for me, tested 2 versions of linux, mac os, windows 7/8/10/11. Tested 6 browsers, no fail with any OS or browser. If it's not working for you, it's either a router setting, or a firewall issue, or possibly a security software setting. Try rebooting your computer into safe mode with networking and test it, that will eliminate an issue on the computer. 

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    Works for me with both Chrome and Edge using my Windows 11 PC.

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    It's working here but I would suggest using email or Twitter aka X to get a reply.