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5 years ago

Old email access

Hello! My family and I use to share an email address almost a decade back, it was I have just reset the password and logged in using this link It says that "With Cox High Speed Internet, you get free access to WebMail and multiple email accounts." So does this mean that I cannot access my old email unless I use cox internet? There should be a way for me to see my old emails without having to pay for anything.  I do not wish to use the email address but only to see my inbox and review. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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    After you cancel service, your login credentials and email address for Cox are still valid for another...I think...30 days.  Cox gives you extra time to either move or switch providers.  During this countdown, Cox sends reminders to your still-valid email address to save the content of your account.

    Your time has expired.  Cox has since permanently deleted your login credentials, email and contacts.  Even if Cox still has your email backed up somewhere, you no longer have credentials to log in to view it.