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3 years ago

Numerous outages over past month in my area

It seems Cox internet is becoming less reliable and they can't seem to get it corrected. Over the past month I've had at least 10 outages. With the amount of money I pay monthly I should have more reliable service. I understand that sometimes things go wrong but for it to happen as often as it has been is just unacceptable. Has anyone else in South Louisiana seen an increase with internet being unreliable?

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    YES! we live in New Orleans and have an an extended outage nearly every day for the past two weeks. I'm considering switching if it doesn't get better soon because I work from home and can't keep explaining this, at some point it's my fault for sticking with an unreliable brand.

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    The only way you can get COX attention is to file an FCC complaint, but you should keep a time and date log of every issue and your contact with COX.  Our neighborhood filed about four different complaints and a special service rep was assigned within a couple of day.  The problem in our neighborhood for over 12 months and still not fixed nor committed to be fixed by COX is an overly conjected node.  The only fix is for for cox to invest and install the necessary infrastructure to split the node.  

    We continue to have numerous outages and congestion, buffering, poor performance and excessively less than the advertised download speeds.