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5 years ago

Not Getting Gig speeds On New Service

A week ago I switched from preferred to Gigablast for better service. My speeds sometimes have gotten faster, as high as 340/36 but it’s not acting like it. My TV is constantly dropping Netflix and Disney plus. 

I am running a NEW SB8200 Arris coupled with a NetGear Nighthawk R6400. Speeds are using WiFi on my IPhone XR. I tried to call and do the live chat but just sat in queue for hours.

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    Ok so I hooked my laptop up directly to the modem, not thru the router and it was 94/35 using a 6e cable. 

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      Hi 805moparkid, i am sorry to hear about the speed issues you have been experiencing. You may contact us on Facebook, or Twitter @coxhelp. What email address are you using to reach out to us?

      Thank you,

      Mike J.
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    same issue, same modem. Ubiquiti gateway and infrastructure. called tech support and had me restart the modem and he restarted it like 10 times till speeds got a bit better. but nowhere near what im paying for with gigblast. refused to connect me to level2 tech saying its only for customers that have their equipment. told me to call arris for a firmware update. ive had gig for a year and never got close with the speeds. replaced the 2year old arris 8200 and nighthawk X6 when internet service started dropping off. gave them the benefit of the doubt and i was hard wiring most of the devices in a nework cabinet. and nothing. same drops and same ** speeds. i guess ill call one last time and see what happens. this past year has bees BS after being with them for 20 years. i guess good thing wow moved in this past fall and offer gig internet

  • Same issue. I switched from Centurylink to Cox last year because my daughter needed a faster internet for work. Centurylink is 30 mbps whereas Cox is Preferred 150 Internet Service w/ Panoramic Wifi Gateway, Unlimited Data Plan  but my previous internet is way faster than Cox and there's always an outage. I called/chatted with them but nothing changes. When they first installed my internet, I had to call them to send another tech since it was so slow. Second tech came but it is the same thing and I'm tired calling or chatting with them.