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2 months ago

Not acceptable

What is going on with the internet in my area it has been off last weekend and now this weekend it ruined my Father’s Day. I plan to watch House of Dragon on Sunday with my dad and now I can’t what is going on one time but twice in a row both weekends last weekend it was all weekend. And im paying 102. a month for this!? I have been with this company for over 20 years and this is unacceptable! You have given me no choice, but to find another Internet company 

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  • Hi there. I am sorry you day was affected by lack of internet service.  Please email my team with your complete address at so we can obtain account details and check for any updates. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate you being a part of the Cox family. 

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    File a complaint with the FCC. I just did, and will be telling *anyone* I see make this kind of post to do the same. It seems that they regularly provide poor service to customers who don't have an alternative to their services, and it's sickening.