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4 months ago

Node work in my area for 2 weeks now.

I live in Virginia Beach in Aragona Village. About 2 weeks ago our internet would randomly drop either upload or download speeds. I am playing for 1000/35. The down would sometimes go as low as 50, the upload as low as 2. We had a tech come out to check our lines and he said he found that there had been work started for a problem on our node on 2/10 that was showing in progress with dozens of notes but no completion date known. I have checked with the text chat to see if any progress has been made and they told me no. I want to know what the problem is and when we can expect it to be complete. I need at least 10mbps upload, which should not be an issue for 35 max. 

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  • I apologize you are having trouble with your service and have not received an update please reach out to us privately so we can check on this. Our email address is Please include your full street address and link to this forum post. 

    Greg P