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4 years ago

new neighbor now no internet connection

Neighbor just moved in next-door, and had a random cable tech over today, not Cox, to get internet installed. Fiancée told me that the internet isn't working and blinking orange light on modem. so I got her to troubleshoot and still nothing. on live chat with cox forever for them to just get me to retest everything, and I am pretty sure it is related to the neighbor getting internet today, and them messing our cable up, or unhooking it, and Cox wants to charge me $75 and go until tomorrow night without their overpriced internet. anyone else experience anything like this? I need internet for work, and cannot get by with the speed of my cellphones hotspot. Can I get in trouble for going outside and checking my connection at the road where the neighbors tech was working earlier? 

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  • @Rjc2337, We do not recommend tampering with the lines outside of the home. It looks like we will need to wait for the tech visit to resolve this issue for you. Please let us know if the issue continues after the tech visit. Also, for billing concerns, please reach out to us at and we can review the account for you. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.