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4 years ago

NEW MODEM! Can one change their own modem at home or does Cox need to be notified of this change?

Has anyone had to change/upgrade their modem with Cox? I was gifted a brand new modem which is an upgrade on my existing one. I obviously want to replace the older one but do I need to notify Cox of this change or can I simply do this on my own at home? I'm afraid of changing the modem but not having it be accepted/recognized by Cox, preventing me access to the internet.

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    what model is it?  if it doesn't activate you would need to call 

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      Netgear CM1200 - supports up to 2 Gbps. It is compatible with Cox as it shows up on their compatible modems list.

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    I was gifted a brand new modem

    What does "gifted" mean?

    You can swap modems yourself because modems auto-negotiate and authenticate with a service provider.  If there are no problems, obviously, it'll provide service.  If there is a problem you can't resolve, you can always re-connect the older modem.