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12 months ago

New Email Platform

New Webmail is a hot mess! What did they do intentional sabotage the webmail? I can’t open emails without the dreaded spinning wheel, deleting messages now without the box to check is more cumbersome, There is nothing good about this new platform I am so done with Cox! I would never sign up for any of their services like cell phone what are they thinking they are overpriced and unreliable I am going to have notify so many people that I don’t use this email anymore I have had my email for decades. I am so disappointed in this service. Instead of innovating you are going down the tubes!

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    For now, couldn't you use an email client to download your email to your device?

    If you click settings in webmail, you can restore the check boxes.

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      I suggest looking into Gmail as well. I have Proton and the one thing I have noticed about it is if you forget your password, you can't access your old emails. This is good for security but bad for convenience. See here for more info.

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        There is no "Forgot Your Password" feature with Proton?

        I was suggesting just its client to configure with the OP's current Cox account and not another online service.