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5 years ago

Network location

the cox website states I am in wallingford ct, even though i am actually on my cox home network in rocky hill, ct?

How can I fix that?  It causes regional sports blackout problems with streaming sites.

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    You fix it by allowing cookies to remain on your hard drive.  After you log into Cox, a cookie will inform Cox during your next login you actually live in Rocky Hill.

    Without saving cookies, Cox assumes you live at the first IP node...or last node depending how you view the Wallingford.

    For example, when I go to a Cox website, I get the following message:  Hello we do not offer service in Merrifield, VA.  However, I subscribe to Cox service and Merrifield, VA is 20 miles from me.  Cox just assumes I live near an IP node in Merrifield, VA.

    You could also try to correct the Zip code on whatever streaming site you're using.

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    do you say yes or no when logging in about location?

    if you're logging in with a cell phone number, who knows where you're calling from.

    case in point,, i live in az but have cell # from living in hawaii 20 years ago.