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2 years ago

Netgear vulnerability.

Just a warning to the Cox forum users to update the firmware of their older Netgear routers to protect against a vulnerability.


Nighthawk WiFi Mesh Systems

  • MR60 fixed in firmware version
  • MS60 fixed in firmware version


  • R6900P fixed in firmware version
  • R7000P fixed in firmware version
  • R7960P fixed in firmware version
  • R8000P fixed in firmware version

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    Anyone on here use a Netgear router? I am surprised the R8000P only has one firmware update, and that is for this vulnerability. Does Netgear not update their firmware?

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      Yes but I run open source firmware on every router I can afford, regardless of brand. All router manufacturers really need to do is make their routers easy to reflash & not too difficult to write firmware for.

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        If you happen to use a WiFi modem, the router firmware is part of the modem code, all of which requires verification through DOCSIS engineering. I worked with them on several occasions, especially with the Older netgear 6300 series wifi modem.