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netgear c7000 firmware upgrades not pushed through???

I received an email from netgear stating security breaches and firmware patches being issued.   I am running v1.01.18, since then two firmware patches have been released v1.01.23 and v1.01.28.   v1.01.28 has been approved by cox via netgears website but when I call they have no knowledge of either firmware updates or how to manually push through???? 

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    Hello Markstewart,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media Forum. I'd be happy to take a look at the firmware update. Please send an email to include your full name, address, and this forum post. We will reply back with details on the firmware. Thanks
  • Hi Dodger49,

    We’d be happy to look into the firmware update as well. Please email us at with this post, your name and complete address.

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    I have this same issue. Still stuck on 1.01.18 when much newer versions exist. Thanks for the security vulnerabilities Cox. Way to not let us fix those. Time to go back to Quest.

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    We can take a look please send your full address and the primary name of the account holder to