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3 years ago

NetGear AC1750 Model No R6350

I need to know if this Router/Modem will work with my Preferred plan.  I was hoping to use it instead of renting the Cox Panoramic Wifi I have now.  I do not see where the coaxial cable (from outside into the house) plugs into the NetGear modem router. Is there an adapter?

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      Thank you very much. That was sort of what I was figuring out. I had looked at a few on the shelf next to this model what were router/modem combos, and thought this was the same.  Thank you for the links, Sir.

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        If you want an integrated model, on the Cox list, skip over the Panoramic Wifi Gateway models...go to the DOCSIS 3.1 Modems section...and look for "Yes" under the Integrated WiFi column.