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6 months ago

Need to get Email alert if power failure

I keep a large saltwater reef tank and may need to take action if a power failure occurs while I am not at home.  I have my Wi-Fi router from Cox on a UPS to provide backup power for a short time after a power failure to allow my tank automation to send me an email notification.

I've had this set up for months now but never get any email notification.  Luckily the automation I have on my tank does notify me that it has lost connection to the internet but this is only after the power has been out for around an hour.  I'd much rather get notified immediately, hence my desire for an email.

Is there a way to do this?  Or does the internet come down in all power outages regardless of cause and how widespread it is?



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    It depends on how widespread the power outage is.  Cox uses the power grid too.  If they have a power outage, you'll have an Internet outage.  During a local power outage, most Cox customers wouldn't have access to Internet service even if was available.  Wired customers would be limited to their own available battery backup.   Wireless providers aren't mandated to provide backup power generators at all cell sites, although it has been suggested by the federal government. 

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      I understand that it isn't available for a widespread outage.  Not sure I follow what you're saying about a local outage.  I've got my gateway/router on a battery backup.  Don't know how to tell if all Cox service goes down with a local outage or not.

  • Something like this might help you out:!4223!3!492072829374!!!g!301862094187!!209521579!115273157966&gad_source=1

    It's cloud managed and you'll get an email if the device becomes inaccessible to the cloud server which would indicate either a loss of power or Internet access to your home.