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3 years ago

Need help stopping spam and using filtering

My email account is practically lost to spam. I've had a little success by choosing the option to "mark as spam" but then I have to take the extra step to move stuff from the spam folder to trash. I've tried setting "filter rules" hoping to move specific items directly to trash, but need some help.

Some specific questions:

How can I set a filter rule using the display name (i.e. USA Wild Seafood) instead of the email address (which changes constantly)?

What is the difference between 'Discard' and 'File into Trash'?

What is the difference between 'Keep' and 'File into Inbox'?

Are the rules case-sensitive?

How/where can I find a list of the rules I've set up? I've set up hundreds at this point but lots of them seem ineffective.

Is there a tutorial somewhere?


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    Filter email using displayed name

    Create a mail filter rule with the following:

    Condition:  From    Contains <displayed name>               Action: Discard


    Condition:  From    Contains USA Wild Seafood               Action: Discard

    Difference between Discard and File into Trash

    I created a Test rule with Condition: From   Contains <my name>       Action: File into Trash

    I sent myself a test email.  The incoming email went directly to the Trash folder.

    I changed Action to "Discard" and sent myself another email.  No incoming email was received.

    Each of the above outgoing emails sent one copy to the Sent objects folder. 

    Add action > File into > Select folder > Trash > OK         Incoming email is moved to Trash.

    Add action > Discard                                                            No incoming email is received.

    Difference between Keep and File into Inbox

    Add action > Keep                                                               Incoming email is moved to Inbox.

    (This would be used with subsequent rules).

    Add action > File into > Select folder > Inbox > OK        Incoming email is copied to Inbox.

    (For email going to Inbox anyway, this creates a second copy and typically wouldn't be used).

    Each of the above outgoing emails sent one copy to the Sent objects folder. 

    Are rules case sensitive?

    Rules are not case-sensitive.

    List existing Mail Filter Rules

    Webmail > Settings icon > Settings > Inbox > Filter Rules


    Help is available by selecting "Add new rule" in the upper right of the "Mail Filter Rules" page.  Then click the "?" in the circle in the upper right.

    (The Settings icon in Help has changed since these webpages were created).

    The best way to learn how to use mail filter rules is to create a Test rule and test different Conditions and Actions.


    Webmail filter rules are more flexible than Outlook rules.  If Outlook could filter email by name or email username, junk email from would never reach my Junk Email folder.  But, the bigger problem with Outlook is that built in junk email rules are applied before user rules.  This is a bit off-topic, but if anyone knows a way to block known Outlook junk email without it ever getting to the Junk Email folder, I'd like to hear how you do it.

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      This is very helpful. Thank you so much!