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4 years ago

Motorola MG7700 Installation

I am considering installing the Motorola MG7700 (modem/router combo).  Do I have to contact Cox Technical support to enable/activate the device on the Cox network?

Also, which is a better configuration - a dual unit or separate units?

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    This DOCSIS modem is compatible with Cox.

    Activation should be "plug-and-play" (self activation).  You just need to order the service.

    Will you order landline service?

    Dual or separate.  Combos are convenient...just not a Panoramic combo.  The only limitation I can think of is a combo will be tethered by the coaxial cable.  If you can get good WiFi coverage wherever you're placing the unit, get the combo.

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    If you have any issue with activation email your account information and a screenshot of the modems serial 3 and mac address to

    Jonathan J
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      Are "flagged" serials and addresses connecting to your network a trend?