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3 years ago

Modifying Service/Speed without "Panoramic Wifi"

Am I missing something or is this just a blatant attempt to scam consumers?

I've had 500 service before and dropped down to 150 for a while but was considering going back for a year. Obviously I have all my own equipment capable of those service speeds.

It isn't even a speed thing, you literally cannot modify your service and checkout without it adding "Panoramic Wifi" even though it is listed as recommended, not required. It gets checked and added no matter what you do and cannot be removed. I'm supposed to checkout, then hope I can get in touch with someone that will take that $13 a month off the bill and not send me any equipment? This is new as when I dropped down to 150 it was simple and easy back then.

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    No, I think your assessment is right.  What you could do is send an email to with the following:
     - Full Name
     - Complete Address
     - URL of This Post